© Et amet ipsum laboris in anim eiusmod et aute deserunt 2010 Made with Xara About An intro to Pure L.E.A.P Hip Hop? Currently in a time where many artists’ use simple dance moves to distract listeners from their lyrics, the same old punch lines, or make songs explaining how they are the best rapper around, the strongest, or the most dangerous like all other rappers; instead our group “Pure L.E.A.P” goes further than this. “Pure L.E.A.P” goes back to a time when hip was a little more motivational and would send a message to society, mixing together a unique sound rarely heard in other artists’. Through Love within the group and their listeners, we use Energy to motivate the people and each other, and Audacity to point out what needs to be done and what it is that is being done wrong. In return, amazing Possibilities are granted for us, and the people. “Pure L.E.A.P” has worked with a variety artists’ to include Canadian artist “Beast” and Bradenton, Florida’s own Dre Muney. Our mission is to help aspiring artists’ get a chance to work with other artists’ from around the globe and give promotion allowing a chance to sign with bigger record labels, like was done for our previous artist, “Dre Muney”. Contact Us Today © Pure L.E.A.P 2011 Book Us Advertise With Us Interview Us Forum About Contact Artist Sign-Up Website powered by Pure L.E.A.P Contact to get a website like this Site Map Email Us Subscribe Become an Artist Home Music Store News Videos Gallery